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Restless Natives

A WOW Hellfire-EU PvE Alliance Guild Site

We are a casual raiding guild, formed in April 2007. Our main focus is on 10-man content. We offer no promise of server-competitive progression; instead, our aim is to see new game content with some great people. We are a friendly, tight-knit guild and our policy of "player-not-character recruitment" is one of our core principles.

We have days where we play like gods on fire, and days where we have enough material to produce a "when video games go bad" television show. But throughout it all, we are good humoured, kindly and sharing.

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"Love is in the Air" ends tonight

ConundrumHF, Feb 21, 11 6:12 AM.
Hello to each and all!

The "Love is in the Air" event ends tonight, so anyone who hasn't finished with his/her achievements hurry up!
Ask for help from other lovestruck guildies, don't be afraid to "fall in love"!!!

Don't forget mumble!

Victorja, Feb 16, 11 5:15 PM.
We have a nice working  paid chat service, I'll try to be online in our room as much as possible. Hope you will say hello there too! <3 Check out the forum if you fotgot the pass etc. 

Valentine <3

Victorja, Feb 13, 11 5:13 AM.
Make sure to send people around you some extra /kisses and /hugs <3 Happy almost Valentine!
(was totally about to type Velentime) <.< for the naaru!? 


Restless Natives now on twitter!

Victorja, Feb 11, 11 7:37 AM.
Feel like posting something about a great vid you just saw of a boss fight, maybe just a quick update of what you're doing in the guild right now? Please visit!/RestlessN !

The new RN website is live. Welcome to all

Kreiton-Officer, Jan 18, 11 1:29 PM.
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We recruit the player, not the class. For more information check out the forums
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